Patient/family testimonials



I could go on for pages about the exceptionally kind and talented staff at PRNY, but what I feel will get right to the point is my daughter’s curve decreased. My daughter began therapy with PRNY in August, 2014, at the recommendation of her orthopedist and while I was only hoping that at least her curve would not increase, we were surprised and ecstatic at the results.

The work they do at PRNY is invaluable, particularly in the realm of scoliosis. All of the therapists have their own unique but equally effective approach. They strive to support but ultimately empower the client, not an easy feat and they do it seamlessly.

Tara C., Parent


We are very fortunate that we met Chintan Pancholi-Parekh from PRNY at my daughter’s first orthopedic appointment when scoliosis was diagnosed. Within 4 months of therapy, my daughter’s thoracic curve went to 16 to 13 degrees and her lumbar curve decreased from 25 to 8 degrees! We are extremely thrilled with the results and we love the encouragement and the outpouring support of the therapists and all the staff at PRNY. We are incredibly grateful for meeting these wonderful, knowledgeable therapists and the Schroth Method has helped my daughter immensely.

Sandra M., Parent


After wearing a brace faithfully since the age of 5, our 14 year old daughter was facing possible spinal surgery to correct her aggressive curvature that no longer seemed to be responding to being braced.  Knowing that we desperately wanted to avoid the invasive procedure our doctor suggested PRNY as a last resort.  We met with the therapists and began therapy hoping but not truly convinced that this would work.  Our daughter’s spirit was so very low and she was very guarded at first.  This was truly heartbreaking for us as parents.  She, however, followed the exercises diligently and began to feel more in control of her situation.  Thanks to the support, understanding, and encouragement she received by her amazing therapist she became more cheerful and began to have a more positive outlook.  She was seen again by her Orthopedist five months later. We were informed that her curvature had regressed and would no longer require surgery. These were the words we had not dared to hope for. Our daughter could hardly wait to share the news with her friends and her therapists.  The PRNY therapists helped our daughter gain back hope and a sense of control in her treatment which she had lost and this has been priceless to us.  The entire staff has been so very supportive and understanding providing a gently atmosphere when we most needed it.  We will forever be grateful for the treatment our daughter received. 

Lisa C., Parent


After my daughter’s scoliosis diagnosis and the “wait and see approach” from her doctor, I started searching the Internet for a viable treatment alternative and I came across PRNY and so glad I did.  My daughter was only 10 years old and had a 15 degree curve, which had increased from 10 degrees from her initial diagnosis by her orthopedic. So her curve was progressing before she started treatment at PRNY.

After the 10 day treatment, she continued her necessary exercises at home. Four months after her treatment, she had her follow up appointment with her orthopedic and she now has a 6 degree curve. The scoliosis had reversed itself, while growing almost 2 inches during this time period.

I whole heartily believe that this reversal it is due to the Schroth method and PRNY’s compassionate physical therapists.   My daughter “technically” does not have scoliosis.  We are so grateful to the staff for their kindness, dedication and patience. They are a wonderful group of women.

Thank you.  Kim, Parent


Dual Diagnosis

I can’t thank enough the team at PRNY, especially Dr. Chintan Pancholi-Parekh.  For the parents, as a mom of a special needs child, I highly recommend PRNY and the Schroth method.  My 8-year-old son has neuromuscular scoliosis caused by a muscle disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 3.  Back in March 2014 his 30-degree Lumbar curve was progressing severely due to his low muscle tone and weak core caused by his SMA.  His doctors were not optimistic about his condition and expected the curve to increase and perform surgery within a few years.

That’s when my son’s school PT referred us to PRNY and trying the Schroth Method.  Chintan was very helpful at explaining my son’s condition and adapting the 3D exercises for my son’s needs.  Every appointment was a learning experience.  We made sure to carry over the program and we had my son practice his Schroth exercises almost every day.

 October 2014, 5 months after of our first visit to PRNY my son’s curve regressed from 30 degrees to 22 degrees and his core keeps getting stronger.  His doctors are all amazed about his improvement considering his diagnosis.  Thank you Chintan, Marissa and all of you at PRNY for helping making this medical breakthrough possible. 

Zainab J., Parent


Adult with Pain

When I arrived at PRNY in Wayne, I was desperate for some type of pain treatment. At 22 y.o., I knew my curve was staying put, but the pain was controlling my life. I was missing out on really living, and was popping Aleve and pain killers like I was getting paid. I had been to chiropractors and normal PTs in attempt to relieve the pain, but nothing seemed to work. After only a couple 1-hour appointments during my lunch break at work, I already had started to notice a difference. I wouldn’t have to sit down at the mall after walking for 15 minutes, and found that I had stopped taking the Aleve because my everyday pain had decreased so much. The real moment of truth came when I had my re-evaluation after 19 hours of treatment, and my “after” photos really proved Schroth is the real deal. The first photo of me bending over, taken in December, showed a crooked hunchback (no exaggeration there). In mid-April, my photo showed a level back with little appearance of a crooked spine. I am more motivated than ever to not only continue these exercises and improve my quality of life, but also to tell anyone who is willing to listen about how fantastic and effective this practice is (not to mention my PT Chin is the bomb diggity). Please feel free to share my story with everyone and anyone, I know I will be Thank you again for everything!  Ashley A.


After having two spinal surgeries for my scoliosis, I was experiencing a level of pain that was affecting my ability to be productive throughout the day. I turned to the PTs at PRNY for support after hearing great reviews and they have helped me tremendously. From the friendly front office staff (you rock Vichal and Denise!) to my physical therapists, Marissa and Chintan, everything about the care I’ve received has exceeded my expectations. They have been attentive to my needs and worked with me to create a specialized exercise program to address the discomfort I have been feeling. In just 3 months of doing the Schroth exercises, I have improved my lung function, strengthened my muscles so that I can hold myself in better alignment and I’m nearly pain free. Whether you’re looking to correct your curvature or manage discomfort after spinal fusion surgery, PRNY is the place to go.

Rachel V.

UPDATE 3 months post d/c:

I just wanted to send you a little update. I still don't have a full time job yet, but I've been working a temp job as a cashier where I'm on my feet for 8+ hours a day. And guess what? I have had NO back pain from it! I thought you guys would like to hear that. My back just feels tired and mildly sore occasionally like any other person would after working a shift like that. Before Schroth, standing for that long would have me in bed with a heating pad and some ibuprofen. So I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it's no longer an issue! Anyway, thanks so much again for everything! Best, RV