After my daughter’s scoliosis diagnosis and the “wait and see approach” from her doctor, I started searching the Internet for a viable treatment alternative and I came across PRNJ and so glad I did.

My daughter was only 10 years old and had a 15 degree curve, which had increased from10 degrees from her initial diagnosis by her orthopedic. So her curve was progressing before she started treatment at PRNJ.

After the 10 day treatment, she continued her necessary exercises at home. Four months after her treatment, she had her follow up appointment with her orthopedic and she now has a 6 degree curve. The scoliosis had reversed itself, while growing almost 2 inches during this time period.

I whole heartily believe that this reversal it is due to the Scroth method and PRNJ’s compassionate physical therapists. My daughter “technically” does not have scoliosis. We are so grateful to the staff for their kindness, dedication and patience.

They are a wonderful group of women.

Thank you.