Jennifer Warren, PT, DPT is a licensed physical therapist who received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from East Carolina University in 2016, and previously a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology (2013). Working in the motion analysis lab over these years developed her initial passion of working with athletes, but she chose to spend the first few years of her career as a travel physical therapist. This provided treating experience in different healthcare systems - as far away as South Dakota - and with all ages across settings, from hospital/clinic to home.

These travel contracts eventually landed her in Charleston, South Carolina  where she was introduced to the idea of scoliosis-specific physical therapy.  In 2019, Jennifer became a C1 Schroth-Barcelona Certified Physical Therapist. She has since completed her C2 Schroth-Barcelona Certification, and is now a certified ISST Schroth therapist as well. She has worked in the South Carolina offices, and as an adjunct of Shriners Hospital for Children, treating scoliosis and kyphosis throughout the lifespan.

Jennifer continues to strive to raise scoliosis awareness with an evidence-based approach. She views therapy as a great tool in the scoliosis management toolbox. Specific to each patient’s situation, she helps them learn and incorporate their individual posture correction to the best of their ability. Jennifer loves seeing her patients live their best life, unhindered by scoliosis.

Jennifer loves to spend any spare moment in nature, running the trails or by the water. She is always excited to plan the next (big or small) adventure!